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nashville-lawyers-reviews“When no other attorney believed that my case was possible, Mr. Div Gopal did and I obtained my LPR in the United States! For over two years I consulted with 5 other immigration attorneys about my case. Some of them didn’t even bother in looking into my case because they said that it was impossible that I could become a permanent resident due to a criminal record of almost 30 years back. Those attorneys who showed some interest just wanted my money without giving me any assurance that I could obtain this benefit. When I met Mr. Gopal, he took the time to look into my case without even charging me a consultation fee. It took him over a month to get back to me, but when he did, he explained all the legal issues and matters in a language and terms easy for me to understand and believed along with me that the adjustment of status was possible. When the moment of setting up his fees came, he was EXTREMELY reasonable on what he charged me and also gave me a payment plan that was easy and accessible for me to pay. Finally, what he foreseen in legal terms came to fruition and USCIS approved my adjustment of status and granted me and my family our permanent residence. I recommend Mr. Div Gopal and will always endorse his professionalism and most of all his human and kind spirit and hard work for those who dream to make a permanent living in this great nation.”