If you have been charged with a crime in the Middle Tennessee area we can help you. You are probably deeply concerned about your future. The stress of facing the court system can be overwhelming, and you never want to enter this arena without a powerful criminal defense lawyer by your side. When you are represented by a skilled criminal defense attorney from Gopal & Pedigo, PC you can rest assured that every possibility for your defense will be relentlessly sought . The legal team has fought for the rights of clients for years and has established a powerful reputation in the courtrooms.

When seeking an aggressive criminal defense attorney to defend you, it is crucial that the lawyer you select is highly qualified and experienced in criminal defense cases and the criminal court system. Gopal & Pedigo, PC have successfully represented countless individuals on their matter. Each case is unique and the circumstances and evidence related to the alleged crime must be thoroughly reviewed by the criminal defense lawyer to determine the best options for an effective defense. Your choice of attorney could alter your future. At Gopal & Pedigo, PC, the primary practice of the firm is immigration and criminal defense, and the legal team is highly experienced in criminal law. We have dedicated ourselves to individuals whom are facing criminal charges of any type, including the following:

Drug Crimes
Drunk Driving
Firearm Offenses
Domestic Violence
Assault & Battery
Prostitution & Solicitation
Disorderly Conduct
Probation Violations

Sex Crimes
Robbery / Burglary
Fraud Crimes
Petty Theft
Identity Theft
Obstruction of Justice
Restraining Orders

Murder / Manslaughter
Conspiracy Charges
Reckless Driving
Hit & Run
Resisting Arrest
Bench Warrants

Some criminal cases result in a trial in front of a jury. The skill with which the attorney presents your case to a jury is of vital importance. It can make the difference between a “guilty” and “not guilty” verdict. Not all attorneys have the courtroom talent needed to present a compelling case for the defendant. Even when the individual facing the charge is innocent of the crime, without an excellent presentation to the jury they can still be convicted of the crime. The understanding of the jury process, how they respond to information and how to present a case is a critical ability that your attorney must have. At Gopal & Pedigo, PC, the Middle Tennessee area criminal defense lawyers from the firm are skilled trial lawyers that will present the case for your defense aggressively and skillfully, with your best interests and freedom as the top concern.

Don’t take chances with your future. If you have been charged with a crime in the Middle Tennessee area, call us immediately. The courtrooms are tough. You need a top quality lawyer to defend you, no matter what criminal charges you face. Contact the lawyers from Gopal & Pedigo, PC if you are seeking an aggressive, relentless and talented lawyer to represent you on any criminal charges.