If you are an undocumented foreign national, immigration reform is very important to your future. Immigration law is going rapid change and each new law or program has lasting effects on all segments of the immigration population. Recent immigration programs enabled thousands of young immigrants to get a U.S. driver’s license, social security number, and the ability to enroll in public colleges and universities. We are hopeful that future immigration reform is coming soon that will allow all qualified undocumented persons to obtain permanent residence (green card).

If immigration reform passes, you need to be ready. Now is the time to prepare. Our experienced attorneys offer a free consultation to assess your immigration history and develop a strategy for your unique situation. Many clients find they qualify for some relief now and do not have to wait for immigration reform.

At Gopal & Pedigo, PC our attorneys stay constantly updated on all of the immigration reform news. We are members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association that works closely with elected officials to advocate immigration reform. We strive to keep our clients updated on all the latest immigration reform news. We post updates on our website as well as social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We gladly answer your phone calls and emailed questions regarding immigration reform. We understand the constant stress and anxiety that comes with living in this country as an undocumented alien, because we help people through this situation every day. We know the long reaching consequences that immigration reform would have on millions of families, and we strive to help our clients in taking every step possible to prepare for immigration reform now.

If you want to know how more about how the new immigration reform could benefit you or your loved one, or if you want to find out if you are already eligible for immigration benefits under the existing programs, call the experienced attorneys at Gopal & Pedigo, PC to schedule your free consultation today at (615) 200-8472.