Bankruptcy Law

If you are overwhelmed with debt and want a fresh start, bankruptcy could be the answer. Bankruptcy can help you eliminate many or all of your debts and most people are allowed to keep most or all of their personal property. A bankruptcy attorney with Gopal & Pedigo, PC can represent you during this complicated process.

The most common debts that are eliminated in bankruptcy are credit card debts and medical bills. People often become overwhelmed with high interest credit card debt that is difficult to manage. An unexpected illness can also lead to large medical bills that are impossible to repay. If you are in either of these situations, a bankruptcy attorney from Gopal & Pedigo, PC may be able to help.

Most people have unsecured debt such as: credit cards and medical bills and while these are generally dischargeable, there are exceptions. Bankruptcy is a complex and confusing area of law and an experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you take advantage of all the relief provided by law.

Gopal & Pedigo, PC can help you decide whether or not you should file bankruptcy. We offer a FREE debt evaluation and will answer your questions at no charge. If you decide bankruptcy is right for you, an attorney can begin preparing your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case with little or no money down and work out an affordable payment plan. If creditors and collection agencies have threatened you, we can stop them immediately by filing a bankruptcy case.

Please do not feel guilty about considering bankruptcy. The credit card industry is making billions off high interest credit debt (often 21% or higher). The credit card industry also creates many problems for consumers by repeatedly sending more credit cards with higher limits – irrespective of your ability to repay the debts. Things change in life and occasionally we face tough times. Bankruptcy is about giving you the fresh start you deserve and getting a comfortable control of your financial situation.

Often, most people seek bankruptcy protection due to illness, loss of work, divorce, or just plain bad planning. Please do not feel guilty or ashamed. Keep in mind that you have been subjected to numerous professional sales people who have surrounded you with seductive messages urging you to buy. The credit card companies have spent billions urging you to accept their easy credit so that you can live beyond your means. The result is that you are tied down because they want to make huge profits on your purchases and interest payments.

Please understand that there is more to life than a perfect credit rating and if you are considering bankruptcy, your credit rating is probably already gone. What is important is your family, friends, and neighbors. It is not easy to always manage perfectly on finances and why should you be any different in this era of multibillion-dollar bailouts for poorly managed companies. Fortunately, since biblical times, societies have discouraged debtors from “falling on their swords” when overwhelmed with debt. Schedule a FREE bankruptcy consultation with an attorney.

Bankruptcy is about starting over and we can help you. Schedule a FREE consultation with a bankruptcy attorney today!